sutranovum investments - an investment company

sutranovum investments is an investment company. We look for companies or individuals that we consider ethically and ecologically intelligent as well as grounded. Our focus is on great not big.

In order to be considered for inclusion in our portfolio your business or idea must fulfill the following criteria:

"Inflation is a distorted sense of who we are. Modern people have a psychological tendency to inflate like a balloon. The slang expression 'he is just full of hot air' captures this experience. When inflated, we think and act as if we are more than we really are; we are filled with high expectations, sometimes even arrogance. Anything that interferes with our willful desire feels like a disappointment.

"Modern life pushes us to inflate. Our progress-orientated, 'bigger is better,' consumer-driven society celebrates 'too-muchness.' A recent bumper sticker was succinct in expressing this attitude: 'The one who ends up with the most toys wins.' The West has been busy for decades teaching the world how to inflate; in some ways this has become the essence of being American. It is hard to part with something so ingrained as our power stance. . . .

"Any time we puff ourselves up — whether to gain attention, power, status, monetary reward, or love — there is a price. Every inflation is followed by a deflation, and then the hot air balloon comes crashing down. A deflation is thinking and acting as if you are less than you really are, a feeling of "not-enoughness."

"Inflations and deflations turn life into a wild ride of 'too-muchness' followed by 'not-enoughness.' They undermine our capacity for contentment. Contentment can be found only in the middle place, the point where you are neither inflated nor deflated. It requires you to be who you are, no more and no less...”

As well as financial support we can help with marketing services.

If you feel your business model fulfills the above criteria and you seek anywhere from $50000 dollars investment to $50 million please contact us at info@sutranovum.com - subject line:“Investment Opportunity” and introduce yourselves and your products and services. Keep the outline of your idea and the clarification of your needs to less than one page overview.

If you are an investor and would like to join our team please use the same email address to introduce yourself and explain your motivations for contacting us.

Thank you.

Scope of our operations.

Sutranovum investments is part of a larger group of 2 companies and 1 non-profit (comprised of two divisions).

Our focus and goals are very clear and simple.

There is no waste in nature. And when the nature of nature is understood we clarify how man can transcend his wasteful behaviors.

We usher in the age of the newable.

You can see a profile of our 3 companies and 27 divisions as they get clarified here.